Raised in rural Massachusetts, you can clearly see that nature is large influence on Amanda’s work. Always interested in the visual arts, she started painting as a child, using the leftover scraps of wood from her father’s woodshop as her canvas. Her mother’s proud display of these works supported her creativity and with this Amanda pursued her love for the arts.

Just before college her father, an accomplished photographer and artist, gave her a Pentax K1000 and expanded her world to a whole new medium. She graduated from Franklin Pierce College with a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design and a Minor in Marketing and Fine Arts, with a strong focus in photography. After a number of years in the graphic design field Amanda started Mae Designs. Originally a decorative painting company, Mae Designs has currently evolved to focus more on her fine art work, chiefly acrylic painting, photography and jewelry design. Her most recent evolution has been to take her original photographs and set them in resin creating beautiful pendants, earrings and bracelets! This work is available for sale on her Etsy page, by catching her at a table show or by contacting her directly.

Amanda has been a principal member of the Arts League of Lowell since 2005 and regularly displays her work at local galleries and shows.

Artist Statement: The art of capturing an idea, emotion or detail is the underlying motivation for most of my work. Something catches my imagination and I feel compelled to somehow present it to the world. I'm very interested in seeing ordinary things from a different perspective and am fascinated with the effect color and light can have on a subject.

I welcome you to come back and check in on my latest work! Thanks for visiting!! ~Amanda Mae

Please contact me at info@maedesigns.com with any questions about my work.


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